Encaustic Art and Cold Wax Medium Art

Two different art forms, both using beeswax, both sharing some application techniques, tools, and supplies, but distinct from each other by the use of heat. Encaustic Medium is made with Beeswax and a hardener. It is solid at room temperature and requires heat to apply and to fuse layers. Cold Wax Medium is made with Beeswax with or without a hardener, in an organic solvent. It is a paste at room temperature and DOES NOT require heat to apply and does not require fusing of layers. Both mediums are gaining momentum and with their capability of translucency, breadth of textures, enticing tactile quality, and how accommodating they are for mixed media, it’s no wonder. My website is designed to provide the beginner or established artist with the supplies needed for both art forms. Mediums, paints, tools, and in particular floater frames, the most suitable way to display a wax painting on a rigid birch board. Feel free to inquire about products and let me know if you are looking for something not on the website. I’m here to help.- Mirella



What is Encaustic Painting?

Encaustic painting  was practiced by artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. The Ancient Greeks waterproofed and decorated their ships with it. From 100-300 AD the technique was used by Greeks in Egypt to paint mummy portraits.  Encaustics was mainly a forgotten art form since then until modern archaeological recoveries sparked a revival. Famous contemporary artists such as Jasper Johns helped usher the technique back into the 20th & 21st centuries

Encaustic paints are created by melting beeswax, with a small amount of a hardening agent such as damar or castor wax, and then adding pigment to it. This mixture is applied to a rigid surface. You can then use a variety of tools to enhance texture and design on your art piece.


High Quality Refined Beeswax Beads in Australia

At Waxy Art Supplies, we're passionate about encaustic and cold wax painting. The process is addictive. The finish often imparts wonderful depth and translucency creating an ethereal effect. Our range of products will allow you to manipulate your beeswax medium onto your substrate with ease and simplicity, creating a unique and beautiful artwork.  Our range of specifically tailored supplies is unique to Australia.

 Refined Beeswax Beads

Refined beeswax beads is a consistent white and clean wax. It is mechanically refined, not chemically, so is excellent to use in encaustic and cold wax medium making. It's high quality and very affordable beeswax supplied in Australia. The beads make for easy measuring and are quick to melt. Mix with Castor wax or Damar resin to make encaustic or cold wax medium.


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