100% Pure Vegan Castor Wax Flakes

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Castor wax is manufactured from the hydrogenated oil from the castor plant Ricinus communis. Castor Wax is used to improve consistency in cosmetic products, used in candle making, and for our use here to make painting medium ...encaustic and cold wax mediums.

Making your own medium is achieved by combining beeswax with a hardening agent, such as Damar or Castor wax. Damar is the more widely recognised agent where Castor Wax is quickly gaining popularity thanks to Langridge's innovative inclusion of it in their encaustic medium formulation. Castor Wax as a hardening agent is clean and easy to use, omitting the need to filter the molten medium, which is a fiddly process required when using Damar.

With both the Damar and Castor Wax, a ratio of anything from 6 – 8 parts beeswax : 1 part hardening agent can be used depending on personal preference.