Arches Oil Paper Pad (12 sheets - 31x41cm)

Arches Oil Paper Pad (12 sheets - 31x41cm)

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12 Sheets 31 x 41 cm 

Archival paper for cold wax medium painting, all oil painting, and multimedia techniques! This 300gsm high-tech paper was specifically designed for oil painting, yet it maintains the look and feels of traditional Arches papers. It features a powerful, efficient oil barrier that absorbs water, solvents, and binders evenly while allowing the paint and pigment to remain on the surface. Arches Oil Paper has an exceptionally tough surface.

It withstands heavy brushing with stiff bristle brushes, as well as wet paint removal with turpentine and a rag. It also stands up well to palette knives. This paper is "ready to use" without preparation, making it less brittle and stiff than gessoed papers and more resistant to chipping or cracking. What's more, because it's a natural Arches paper, it can easily be cut to the desired size, rolled, and transported. Easy to use, easy to frame, easy to store, and lightweight to transport, Arches Oil Paper is an oil painter's dream!