5 Ply Cradled Boards

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Professional grade boards are made exclusively onsite as your order is placed, using 6mm thick, 5ply birch wood.

Birch is a popular choice as a substrate because of its smoothness, uniformity in colour, and is relatively lightweight and absorbent. The boards are sanded to an ultra smooth finish. Structural integrity is created through the 5ply construction of the board and extra bracing where needed. The smaller size boards have cradling made from solid pine. The larger board’s cradling is normally made from maple as it is a stable wood with a straight tight grain counteracting the tendency of warping caused by humidity changes.

The cradle, otherwise known as bracing, is 3cm deep, supporting the 6mm birch ply. So overall it sits 3.6cm high. The cradle is deeper in larger sizes unless instructed otherwise. We advise that you gesso the back of the boards to further alleviate the tendency of weather-induced warping.

Gallery Grade mounting hardware included for you to attach, ie plastic coated wire, D-rings screws, and bumpers.

10 standard sizes. For custom sizes, please contact us for a quote