Colors From the Road Set

Colors From the Road Set

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Each set contains 13ml of each colour.
Sticks measure 6cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm

Where we live and where we travel often has a huge impact on our sense of color. This is certainly true for Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch after leaving her home in Washington state to travel throughout Australia for two years. Her desire to work within a certain palette evolved into a collaboration with Enkaustikos to create a stunning set of colors unique to any other colors Enkaustikos offers.

Gingeranga is a deep, rich cinnamon gold with a strong orange undertone, like the color of her four boys’ hair.

Dusty Indigo is the deepest indigo with just a tinge of brown to keep it in check.

Gumnut is a fresh pale green, not too warm, not too cool.

Bitumen is the real surprise with its smoldering warmth and interesting appeal unlike any other brown.

Seattle Grunge gives you the palest of a cool grey white, reminiscent of the Seattle sky.