Cradled Board and Frame Set

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The Set comprises a cradled board and a floater frame. Made here in Australia uniquely by us, Waxy Art Supplies.

Simply unscrew and remove the cradled board from the frame. When artwork is complete, replace the cradled board in its original position as indicated on the back and reattach the screws.

As the Sets are individually made, the frame and matching board are specific to each other. We don’t recommend swapping sets around, that is, use a different cradled board than was provided in the set, as the screw holes may not realign.

All hardware is included – Gallery grade D rings, screws, plastic coated wire, and bumpers.

When choosing a frame and board Set, the size refers to the size of the cradled board.

The frame will allow for a 5mm gap between the board and frame. Width of frame surface is 10mm and its outside depth is 45mm.